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  In this era of accelerated pace of life, the development of science and technology has become the focus of peoples attention.

  Some people hold the opinion that the development of science and technology is beneficial to human beings, while others hold the opinion that the development of science and technology has brought disadvantages to people.

  In my opinion, the development of science and technology has both advantages and disadvantages, but the disadvantages are still greater.

  Take the invention of the automobile. In the early days when cars served for human beings, they really brought convenience to people and made it convenient and fast for people to travel.

  But now, there are so many cars, you see them everywhere. More cars means more exhaust emissions. A lot of waste gas enters the atmosphere, and the earth cannot heat itself fast enough. This causes global temperatures to rise, and the ice in the north and south poles to melt, and creatures there to lose their homes.

  Then came the invention of the plastic bag. Although it is very light and easy to use, it needs to be broken down. Its extremely difficult. A small bag can take decades or even centuries.

  Besides, they still didnt handle it well. The used plastic bags are thrown on the ground and in the river, which impoverish the land and muddy the river. Some creatures suffocate because of the plastic bags.

  Finally, there is the mobile phone, which is a double-edged sword. If used well, it will bring convenience to people. If not used properly, it can have very serious consequences.

  There are many young people who are short-sighted due to excessive use of mobile phones. Some addicted to games, life has become decadent; Others play with their phones while charging, resulting in battery explosions and serious injuries.

  The disadvantages of technology are far beyond these, but we should not forget the advantages it has brought us. I hope that in the future, scientists can reduce the harm of the development of science and technology to the minimum, so that our home more beautiful.











  In the journey of life, we have gone through a long time, also experienced the wind and rain, joy and sorrow, but through the time, what do we absorb? What did you learn?

  When I was young, technology was not that advanced. At most, our home was just some physical toys, not to mention smart phones and tablets. With the change of The Times, the progress of science and technology, the modern civilization unknowingly gradually into our lives, instead of our hours to play with the toys. Although the entry of civilization brings us convenient life, it has buried the traditional things.

  Electronic products are always novel, progressive, enjoyable and technological in peoples eyes, but what phenomenon does it make us produce? When you walk on the street, people seem to have mobile phones in their hands, waiting for traffic lights, waiting for buses... ", even when he was crossing the street, he risked his life to walk with his head down, and the people he saw gave him a cold sweat, all of whom could not predict what would happen next. Civilization, so that we have a convenient life, shopping online, and home match, do not go out can buy the necessary supplies, it seems that people are singing the praises of the progress of The Times. But while these advances have brought us convenience, they have lengthened the distance between us.

  How can we improve this phenomenon? I think we can go back to the past. Perhaps modern children will find the toys we played with as children so interesting. Perhaps it is the novelty of electronic products that attracts the focus of modern children and obscures the physical toys.

  Thinking of childhood toys, I have experienced the change of The Times, so that the tradition has lost its original look.


  In the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, many scientific and technological products are slowly born in the world, and these scientific and technological products bring us a lot of convenience but also bring us a lot of disadvantages. Cell phones are one of them.

  The mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th to 21st century. It comes about because we can connect and talk to people who are thousands of miles away. But with the advent of more and more smart phones, it has more and more disadvantages.

  For our primary school students, mobile phone is the best game, so unrestrained playing mobile phone, not only hurt the body, damage to eyesight, but also make the academic performance decline, no matter how parents are all useless. Gradually, the primary school students of the 21st century are wearing eyes, but we can not leave the mobile phone, because it is a big tool for us. Its too late to regret it when you grow up.

  I am also one of the victims, I love and hate the mobile phone, love is that it brings me infinite fun, hate is that it brings me interesting at the same time, but also brings me the increase of vision. Remember a summer vacation, I have the first belongs to my smart phone, happy I downloaded a lot of games, so that summer vacation, I sink puzzle in the game world, eat, sleep to play, even on the toilet also play. So, after a summer vacation, I put on my first pair of glasses, complaining. After that, she stepped out of the mobile phone world under the education of her mothers.

  With the rapid development of science and technology, some disadvantages brought by search can be controlled, and some can not be controlled, so we should try to control what can be controlled.






  In the 21st century, many people have Apple, Samsung, tablet and other electronic products in their homes. Some people even have several mobile phones. All of these things are brought by science and technology.

  However, have you ever thought that while science and technology products bring us convenience, they will also bring us many disadvantages. In the past, when our parents were young, it was good to have a TV at home, so at that time, parents rarely will be myopic. Nowadays, many of our classmates have cell phones, computers and tablets at home, leading to thick glass in our eyes due to electronic products before we enter middle school.

  In addition, when you go to bed at night, mobile phones, tablets and other things are placed in the room to charge. When you fall asleep, these things are also quietly radiating to you. This will cause you to be less energetic the next day, and you will not be able to concentrate in class, and it is easy to be distracted.

  And then theres transportation. With the improvement of living standard, every family has their own private cars, which can not only sleep more but also dont have to wait for the bus. However, more and more cars in cities emit more and more carbon dioxide. It is only the ozone layer, the god of protection of the earth, that is severely damaged. Even our island city of Zhoushan will also be affected by the haze.

  We should work together to maximize the benefits that technology brings to us, and at the same time reduce the disadvantages that technology products bring to us, so that we can enjoy a high-quality life.







  Science today, has become an indispensable part of our life, but science brings us convenience, but also brings us endless hidden dangers.

  Science in the past ten years, it can be said is the rapid development of ah, but at the same time, the environment is changing with each passing day ah, in the development of science and technology, to bring convenience to human life, have thought of our survival of the earth is taking place in the earth-shaking changes? When we are driving private cars, driving on the double-lane road when have not thought, in the world, there are more and more lives are disappearing? Have you ever thought about what will happen to human beings when the primeval forest disappears?

  Yes, science is a technology that can make it convenient for us, but the saint said, "No man is perfect, no gold is perfect." So if science has advantages, how can it not have disadvantages? There is no perfect person and no perfect thing. Take cars for example. Nowadays, cars have more and more comprehensive functions, but their exhaust emissions are also increasing, and the probability of car accidents is also increasing. Now, on average, tens of thousands of people lose their homes and lives due to car accidents every day. Finally led to the tragedy.

  With the development of science greatly beyond the previous, such as cars, trains, planes and other means of transportation are also popular, now we are not only physically weak, but also easy to get sick. Although the medical technology is very advanced, but the road is higher than the devil, it is also because of the development of medical technology today, led to the accelerated mutation of bacteria. So much so that scientific medicine has been unable to keep up with the evolution of the virus, and perhaps the extinction of the human race was due to a pandemic.

  In a word, with the development of science and technology, there are advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages and disadvantages are really to our own weigh. Dont do things that are harmful to others.

  There will always be advantages and disadvantages of science. Just as the Book of Changes says, everything has two sides, both Yin and Yang. However, the number of Yin and Yang depends on whether the creator has taken it into consideration. So when we create another thing, we must take a long time to think about it and not let the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.












  Science and technology has changed the world, indeed, the emergence of computers, the Internet, is the earth like a spiders web linked together; The invention of the telephone made it possible for people to transmit messages for thousands of miles; With the advent of airplanes and cars, people can travel thousands of miles. However, when we are enjoying the achievements of science and technology, the brush strokes of technology products should not be underestimated.

  Dont say far, say near. Youve seen cars, these are the guys that run amok on the road every day, because theyre fast, because theyre made of iron. Car accidents also often happen, tone good words, lack of arms and legs, if you straight and the car collided, did not go to the west is not the letter of the lucky. With the car exhaust carbon dioxide exceed the standard, a day suck ten, suck a two or three years will get lung disease.

  Computer is also a double-edged sword, since his appearance, seconds killed countless peoples eyeballs. If you look at famous people before the 20th century, how many in a hundred wore glasses. But now, dont wear glasses always think other people are more learned than you. There are 47 students in our class alone, more than half of them are "four-eyed frog". If we give it a few years, the whole world will be opticians. Another disadvantage of computer is that there are a lot of online games, games can be a big virus. People often fall into the trap of online swindlers and get cheated out of a lot of money. There are many students addicted to the game, unable to extricate themselves, academic performance plummeted. In order to buy a card to recharge the game, unexpectedly to mom and dad place to steal money, the result grew up to become a thief.

  Technology has two sides, one is good, the other is dull. Only the good side is polished off. Talent is where technology plays the biggest role.






  In the 21st century, with the rapid development of all kinds of goods and the continuous progress and innovation of science and technology, I think the advantages of the development of science and technology outweigh the disadvantages.

  First, technology has revitalized our country. For a country, reform and innovation are indispensable, as is the development of science and technology. You see, Chinas science and technology is advancing by leaps and leaps, the thousand-year flying dream has come true, the Birds Nest water cube has been completed, the Olympic dream and the World Expo dream have come true, human beings boarded the romantic moon and looked at the blue earth... This one of the ancestors only dare to fantasy dream, now with science and technology will it round!

  Secondly, technology has come into our lives and the Internet has covered the whole world, making the world a "big family". In this way, everything seems to be much faster, as long as the move of the mouse, you can convey information to the "18 thousand miles" away. On the Internet, even though people are thousands of miles apart, they can communicate and talk together and become bosom friends.

  However, imagine what life would be like today if technology stopped developing, or even went back hundreds of years. A minor illness and you lie in bed waiting for death; If you want to drink water, you have to dig a well and carry water from it. Some news want to tell distant people to ride a thousand miles...... Without tall buildings, safe vegetables, transportation, communication tools, energy efficient light bulbs, and so on, no one will be lamenting the disadvantages of technology development when the world goes back to then.

  Therefore, only from the above aspects, we can know that the advantages of the development of science and technology far outweigh the disadvantages, it is because of the development of science and technology, our life will be so beautiful!

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